Delivering cost-effective and comprehensive electrical engineering solutions and management services for commercial enterprises.



Industrial equipment and automation

Industrial custom made panels and soft starters


Bio-medical equipment and automation


Farming equipment and automation

What We Do

Electronics Design
and Repairs

  • Programing of PLC (Logic controllers)
  • Control panels 
  • Repairs on inverters power boards 
  • Design of electronic circuits.
  • Automatic motor starters

Consultancy & Certifications

  • Certification of industrial installations 
  • Certification of domestic installations
  • P.A.T (portable appliance testing of loads)
  • APF (automatic power factor corrections)
  • Consultancy on electrical installations

Other Services

  • Project management 
  • Property management including 
  • Listing, leasing and general repairs 

Electrical Supplies

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From sourcing top-tier supplies from our extensive distributor network to leveraging our own stocked inventory, we ensure a seamless experience tailored to your needs. Elevate efficiency, reliability, and performance with our expert services, trusted by local Maltese industries.

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